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Improvisation across the board


An improvisation workshop for people with instrumental knowledge. On their own instrument and in the group possibilities for improvisation in different musical genres will be developed (classical, jazz, folk music, etc.).


Improvisation with body, voice and instrument


Instrumental knowledge is of advantage but not necessarily required for this workshop. Music should be experienced in the creative interplay of dancing, singing and instrumental music as a whole. The aim is to celebrate the joy of shared artistic creativity and to experiment in a protected environment with one’s own possibilities to express oneself artistically.


Interactive organology


The pupils get to know instruments from the different groups and may also try the most of them themselves.


Improvisation for children


A playful approach allows the students to make new experiences with their instrument, their voice, their body and making music in general. Upon request, this workshop is initiated or concluded with a concert for the students in which they can experience some of the tools "in action". It is possible to focus on "Which instrument is right for me", where the students are instructed to find the instrument that suits them best. Recommended group size: up to max. 25 pupils


Just have fun with music


With lots of games (borrowed from the practice of improvisational theater and theater education) and ensemble music the children experience a sense of community that is not dominated by notions of performance and pressure to succeed. During this course you can work on different focuses, among others, group dynamics, a playful way to overcome conflicts with the help of creativity and improvisation.


Mistakes? Not a problem for me!


Through the experience with their own bodies, with singing and music, the students get to know themselves better, gain confidence and motivation and can lose the fear of making mistakes.

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